Daily Automated Progress Scans for
Solar Construction

Replace hand counts and document work history with the award-winning Fliteworks Drone-in-a-Box System.

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How it Works

1. We deliver a Fliteworks System to the construction site. The system is self-contained and requires no installation.

2. The drone scans the site every day, returning to the weatherproof dock by itself to recharge and shelter.

3. The captured data is automatically uploaded to the Fliteworks Cloud, which stores and processes the data.

4. We send you counts, basemaps, and insights customized for the workflows you already use.

Use Cases

AI image-processing automatically counts installed components.

Progress Reports

99.9% accurate AI makes counting installed components a breeze. Relieve your teams of tedious hand-counts and paperwork and get automatic, daily counts instead.

Daily counts enable precise progress monitoring and intervention.

Bottleneck Discovery

Track progress with precision. With counts available each morning, you’ll always know the project schedule. Calculate work rates from daily counts to know which teams are on track and which teams need a boost.

Daily imagery creates a history which may be compared to audit changes.

Site Audit

Daily imaging creates a photographic record of site conditions. Use this to verify shipments, track inventory, check build quality, and monitor site activity across the entire construction timeline.

Case Study

Bristol Solar Construction Project

Bristol, RI
Solar Landfill


Learn how NuGen Capital saved $50,000 and avoided multiple delays using our daily reports.

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